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We have the good mentor in teaching you how to speak Indonesian language real quick. The best in town.

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We offer affordable private lessons, so that everyone can learn new language without breaking there piggy bank.

Learn how to Speak and to Write Indonesian

We offer not just teaching you how to speak, but teaching you how to write Indonesian.

About Us is a website that offers Indonesian language classes. We have private, online and co-educational classes that depend on your own schedule and preference. We have teachers that understand you and are willing to meet on your preferred time and place. They can teach you via the World Wide Web! Now, you don’t have to look no further, we’ve got it all for you!

Feel free to Contact us via phone or email.

Feel free to Contact us via phone or email.

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Speak Indonesian, Speak Balinese

Bali is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia, the largest archipelagic region in the world. Bali is located in the southern part of the country, between the islands of Java and Lombok. It is the most populated province in Indonesia and holds most of the tourism jobs in the country. Its is also […]

Learn to Speak Bahasa Indonesian – Discover the Beauty of Indonesia’s Living Treasure

They say that one of the most valued treasures of a country is its language. This is why scholars say that one of the foremost treasures that a country has is more than silver and gold. As a country in Asia, Indonesia has treasures that are in the form of unique creatures, nature, culture and […]