Learn to Speak Bahasa Indonesian – Discover the Beauty of Indonesia’s Living Treasure

They say that one of the most valued treasures of a country is its language. This is why scholars say that one of the foremost treasures that a country has is more than silver and gold.

As a country in Asia, Indonesia has treasures that are in the form of unique creatures, nature, culture and heritage. The Bahasa Indonesia, the country’s national language, serves as a bridge that connects the past, present and future of the country.

Learning to speak and understand Bahasa Indonesia is one way of appreciating the country’s history and preserve culture. Also, tourists will have an easier time in navigating and communicating with Indonesian locals. Tourists will not just enjoy Indonesia as much a local would, but also get to places easier than a non-Indonesian speaking tourist would.

Learning the Bahasa Indonesia is not as complicated compared to other Asian languages. It does not have any complicated dictions, accents and calligraphy. It is much easier to learn Bahasa Indonesia because it uses the same letter pronunciation and characters like the English language.

We have teachers that are very dedicated enough to teach the students in a very comfortable manner. They have flexible schedules that allow them to let the students learn at their most convenient time. They can also list you in learn Bahasa Indonesian class, along with interested individuals.

If you cannot meet with the teacher in person, you can meet them online! Yes, we do offer the service as to let our students learn at their own pace and availability.

Learning the Indonesian language has not been easier! Contact us now and discover Indonesia’s finest living treasure!

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